Travis Grant

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As an experienced business leader and Co-Founder, Travis leveraged his leadership skills and personal family experience with addiction to inspire and create an innovative and patient-first culture at Stairway Resource Center.

Travis oversees the facilities’ Performance Improvement process, which ensures that SRC holds itself to the highest standards so that our clients receive the best quality of care. Additionally, he ensures compliance with all federal and state regulations, licensure, and Joint Commission Accreditation.

Travis is passionate about his work because it provides the opportunity to assist those with similar experiences to his. The virulent problem of addiction is very personal for Travis. He saw first-hand the tragic consequences of addiction in his own family as a young boy, and from that experience made a commitment to someday help others battle this devastating disease.

Travis and his wife, Elyssa, are longtime residents of Southern California. They split their time between their homes in Woodland Hills and Mammoth Lakes.