Shirin Fouladi Ruf

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It has been my life’s passion to be of service and to contribute towards the healing and well-being of others and communities. I feel deeply honored to do this work and consider it a privilege to help struggling individuals and families as they begin to uncover, discover, and discard/heal the wounds of the past that have prevented them from living extraordinary lives. I believe firmly in the benefits of psychotherapy, 12 step programs and know that with sound clinical practice, meaningful relationships, and a willingness to heal, people can rise above circumstances and dismantle the walls that has prevented them from experiencing true and genuine contentment.

As depth psychologist Carl Jung stated so eloquently, “You can only take a client as far as you have gone yourself.”

My personal growth and journey in recovery has been my greatest achievement I’m continues to be an ongoing journey one day at a time. Therefore, I take pride in my work and fully commit to the well-being of those that seek help.