How I Established My Morning Routine in Recovery

woman drinking coffee in the morning

Good morning fellows in recovery! Or, soon-to-be fellows in recovery!

It’s something many of us might take for granted, but how amazing is it that we get to have actual mornings in recovery? I know prior to being in recovery I had nights that blended into mornings and days that all blurred together. I rarely would ‘wake up’ but instead I would ‘come to’. And, as far as a morning routine? Pff. Forget it. I didn’t have any set structure outside of trying to find ways and means to get more. Now, I GET to have mornings and with that, figure out exactly how I’d like to spend them.

In my recovery time, my morning routine has changed quite a bit to adapt to the lifestyle I am living at the time. I will share with you a bit about how I’ve established the morning routine I have currently and why my day ahead depends on it.

1. Coffee and Water

You may have been thinking my first order of business would be spiritual or enlightening and getting my day started with some all natural zen, but I’m going to be real with you. The first thing I do is grab my coffee and drink a glass of water. My one cup of coffee per day first thing in the morning has become a much safer and healthier alternative to the myriad of stimulants which once used to fuel me. Trust me. I’m a much more pleasant woman once I’ve started drinking my first cup of coffee.

2. Gratitude

Now that I’ve had one or two sips of my coffee, I sit on my bed and I get to think about my gratitude. Every morning when someone pops into my mind I send them a text just to say “hi” or “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you”. When I feel gratitude for someone else, I want it to be known at that very moment. I also take a look around my room and outside my window. I never want to take for granted the safety, security and blessing that I have surrounding me that I once was without. There is a saying that “a grateful addict will never get loaded”. Well, I aim to start and finish my every single day with gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. My list of gratitude is my form of meditation every morning.

woman reading recovery book

3. Recovery Literature

Whether it’s the Just for Today, Daily Reflections, Keep it Simple, Spiritual Principle a Day or any of the other various daily recovery readings, I like to pick at least one and start my day with it. There’s just something about reading the brief daily literature and having it set my tone or intention for the day. I can always relate to the readings and put it as a primary focus for my day going forward. I used to read the local news or jump on social media first thing in the morning, but now I like to start my day with much more uplifting and insightful content. The messages I feed my brain with are the mental fuel for my day.

4. Basic Hygiene and Getting Ready

Okay, some of you may not relate to this one. Some of you may also be thinking “duh. Of course this is part of a morning routine”. Well, for this addict in recovery, this was NOT included in my daily maintenance for much longer than I care to admit. I often did not brush my teeth, my hair, change my clothes, put on makeup or ‘get ready’ for my day. Today, I am able to take pride in myself and take care of myself. I like knowing that I am doing what needs to be done to be a better and best me.

5. Music

The last thing I do before I step foot into work for the day is listen to music (LOUD) and sing (EVEN LOUDER). I have recently found this to be extremely cathartic before starting my busy work days and letting all the influence of life pour in. I put on songs that speak to my soul, that make me feel, and I belt them out straight from my heart

(thankfully no one else is listening!). I feel energized. I feel connected. I feel motivated. I feel inspired. I feel READY.

Really, that’s what this is all about. How do I feel ready to face the day? I take these small measures which actually amount to large achievements. I put on my spiritual, mental, physical and social armor to stand up to what the day has ahead. I become grateful, in tune and prepared. I no longer show up to the world thinking I am a person wandering around and life is happening to me, I am a person of LIFE happening to the world and I honor this every morning.

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About Heidi Marcz

Director of Alumni and Case Management Heidi has been working in the field of addiction for the past 4 years, has a RADT and moonlights as a blogger and Brainpaint Neurofeedback Technician. If asked, there is nothing in the recovery field that Heidi won’t do to learn more or to be of service to the newcomers. As alumni and outreach coordinator, Heidi feels she has the unique opportunity to keep continuity in the community- even after people have finished their initial SUD programming. Events range from seasonal activities, fundraisers, service events and special interest activities. Heidi is excited to perpetually generate more community cohesiveness, fun & gratitude for others and herself.